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Photo: Emilia Therese

Photo: Emilia Therese


I am Director at KØN - Gender Museum Denmark - one of the few museums in the world, focusing on diversity, equality and gender,


At ARoS Aarhus Art Museum I was Head of Public Engagement, a strategy for the future of ARoS, based on a personal encounter with art within and outside the institution.

I have ten years of experience from Curatorial Department at ARoS as well. Together with the general team of the museum I have curated a long row of international exhibitions presenting both modern and contemporary art.

Based on my keen interest in the interdisciplinary field of staging and challenging the relations between art and the audience, I have gained substantial insight into verbal communication, conceptualizing, and leadership.

​In December 2022 I finished my master studies of leadership, Master of Management Development at Copenhagen Business School.

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